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[사진] BI, 유현태(53세) 금융사기 혐의로 수배 중 체포(7)

Views : 5,140 2024-06-14 18:14
자유게시판 1275525126
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유현태 (53세)

유현태는 2003년 5월 30일에 필리핀에 입국했고 지난 21년 동안 한 번도 출국한 적이 없음.

질의 중... 30초 정도 걸려요 ...
  본 글을 신고하시겠습니까?
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2424V2424 [쪽지 보내기] 2024-06-14 18:15 No. 1275525127

CEBU, Philippines - The Bureau of Immigration (BI) announced the arrest of another South Korean wanted by authorities in Seoul for involvement in financial fraud.

In a statement, Immigration Commissioner Norman Tansingco identified the fugitive as 53-year-old You Hyun Tea, who was collared in his residence at Cordova, Cebu last June 4 by operatives from the BI’s fugitive search unit (FSU).

Tansingco said that You will soon be sent back to Korea as an order for his summary deportation was already issued by the BI board of commissioners in 2021.

“He was arrested on the strength of a deportation warrant that was issued pursuant to the said deportation order. He was also included in our immigration blacklist which perpetually barred him from re-entering the Philippines,” Tansingco said.

He added that You arrived in the country on May 30, 2003 and never departed for the past 21 years.

“This time we will make sure that this overstaying alien and wanted fugitive is deported to his country so he can stand trial and be made to pay for his alleged crimes.”

According to BI-FSU acting chief Rendel Ryan Sy, a warrant for You’s arrest was issued by the Mokpo branch of the Gwangju district court on Feb. 15, 2020 after he was indicted for fraud and violation of Korea’s electronic financial transactions act.

Korean authorities alleged that You conspired with other suspects in running an illegal sports gambling site in the internet which they used to solicit money from victims who were promised huge profits and dividends on their investments.

The syndicate’s earnings from the racket reportedly amounted to more than 110 million won, or roughly US$80,000.

You, who is also undocumented due to the revocation of his passport by the Korean government, is now detained at the BI warden's facility in Camp Bagong Diwa, Taguig City while awaiting deportation.

boss hugo [쪽지 보내기] 2024-06-14 19:12 No. 1275525146
키만 정말 부럽네..
만달루용@카카오톡-10 [쪽지 보내기] 2024-06-14 21:44 No. 1275525176
@ boss hugo 님에게...
2424V2424 [쪽지 보내기] 2024-06-15 01:58 No. 1275525233
@ 만달루용@카카오톡-10 님에게...

boss hugo [쪽지 보내기] 2024-06-15 00:29 No. 1275525220
@ 만달루용@카카오톡-10 님에게...

6피트5인치 정도면 195 쯤 되지않을까 싶네요
올티가스센터 [쪽지 보내기] 2024-06-15 07:32 No. 1275525259
@ boss hugo 님에게... 사진은 합성 같은데요?
Justin Kang@구글-qk [쪽지 보내기] 2024-06-15 04:58 No. 1275525249
사진보면 한 73세 같은데 도주생활이 힘든가, 아니면 바닷바람을 많이 쐬서 그런가.
그래도 어디 줄서야 되는 데 가면 시니어 대접은 받겠네.
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