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한국에서 불법 마약 관련 혐의로 수배중인 고창환씨가 파사이 시에서 체포되었습니다.


BI agents nab Korean fugitive in Pasay City

A South Korean wanted in his country for drug charges has been arrested in Pasay City, the Bureau of Immigration (BI) said.

“Arrested last October 25 inside a condominium unit along Balagtas St., Pasay City was Korean Ko Chang Hwan, 52, who is wanted by authorities in his country for importing illegal drugs,” the BI said in a statement.

The bureau said the Korean was arrested by members of the BI’s Fugitive Search Unit (BI-FSU).

“The BI-FSU said Ko is subject of an arrest warrant issued by the Suwon District Court in Ansan, South Korea where he is charged with violating his country’s narcotics control act,” the bureau said.

“It was also gathered that during the operation the arresting agents encountered inside Ko’s residence Korean national Min Seokchul, 44, who was found to be overstaying since 2018,” it added.

The two aliens are currently detained at the BI Warden Facility in Taguig City while awaiting deportation.
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쿼드코어 [쪽지 보내기] 2022-11-27 12:19 No. 1275386868
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